When we reach out with the Love of Jesus, we always see God at work. Here is but a glimpse of God’s faithfulness:

Ron was one of the veterans in our transitional housing program. He has 13 year-old twin sons who had been living with other relatives. Ron wanted a place of his own where his boys could be with him. Ron struggles with alcohol addiction issues, but has been getting help and has been able to maintain his sobriety. He started coming to our Sunday church services as well as our Friday night prayer times and we were able to start discipling him in the faith. Ron started bringing his sons to church with him. A few months ago we had the joy of baptizing both of his sons in our church service. Ron was approved for housing help through the VA Health Care System. We helped him find an apartment and gave him beds for his new place. We helped him work with another organization, Off the Floor Pittsburgh, for other furniture. He just moved out of our program into his new apartment. He is excited that his sons will be moving in with him soon.

Julie is a 35 year-old woman who stayed frequently in our Severe Weather Emergency Shelter this past winter. She had lost custody of her daughter due to her addictions. We encouraged her to go to Greenbriar Treatment Center for rehab and we were able to arrange transportation for her to get there. She completed the treatment program and was able to find a part-time job. We also referred her to Operation Safety Net who helped her find an apartment. Julie now has an apartment in McKees Rocks and is able to have her daughter come for visits. She hopes to regain custody of her daughter soon. We will continue to offer her our support, both physically and spiritually as she moves forward.

Mark is a 57 year-old Navy veteran. He came to our morning Drop-In Center every day for a week. When we learned that he was a veteran, we were able to help him get into the VA system. Mark was able to enter our transitional housing program for homeless veterans and did well there. Six months later, he moved into half of a duplex in Braddock that had been donated to Shepherd’s Heart. We hired Mark and now he works as an evening staff person for our transitional housing program. He is a good role model for the veterans in our program, giving them hope that they too can rebuild their lives and regain their independence.