Upon entering, the Veterans must have 5 or 6 days sober from drugs and alcohol. Veterans who are looking to stay at Shepherd's Heart must apply to the VA's Comprehensive Homeless Program, located at the Heinz Division of Pittsburgh VA, then be accepted into the Per Diem program. Veterans are accepted for a 3 month period, near the end of 3 months, the Veteran will be re-evaluated for another 3 month period. Length of stay at SHVH can extend up to two years. SHVH will work closely with Healthcare for Homeless Veterans (HCHV) to help Veterans get connected to VA services, such as clinical case management, entitlement benefits, housing, socialization skills, vocational rehabilitation, compensated work therapy, substance abuse treatment, and mental health treatment.

Requirements to stay in SHVH: 

  • Participate in community meetings 
  • Meet with their case manager a minimum of one time a month 
  • Submit to random drug and alcohol screening 
  • Obtain some form of employment and save a portion of their earnings OR have an established plan of obtaining employment 
  • Adhere to all guidelines established in the living agreement/contract.

 Goals of the program include: 

  • Achieving residential stability of Veterans 
  • Increasing the skill level and/or income of Veterans 
  • Developing a greater level of self determination within Veterans